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Our Clients

Types of employers we represent and work with:
  • Universities & Research Institutions

  • Healthcare Organizations, Hospitals & Physician Groups

  • Schools and other Educational Entities

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Biomedical, Computer Programming and other STEM Companies

  • Businesses in the Hospitality Industry

  • Dance Studios

  • International Agricultural Trading companies

  • Fashion Photographers

  • Music Enterprises

  • Engineering firms

  • Architectual firms



Individuals and fields whom we assist:
  • Scientists, Researchers & Physicians

  • Computer Programmers and others in STEM

  • International Relations & Socioeconomic Experts

  • World Bank, IMF, United Nations Professionals

  • Other Finance and Business Professionals

  • Musicians, Artists & Dancers

  • US Military Personnel

  • International Students

  • International Investors



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