Client With Special Needs Granted U.S. Citizenship

Our office would like to publicly thank USCIS Raleigh Durham for its generous accommodation for a recent client with special needs. Our office has helped several clients with mental and physical disabilities obtain lawful permanent residence and U.S. citizenship. Each client has unique needs regarding their disability, and their ability to request a possible waiver of the government and citizenship test, English language test, or the Oath of Allegiance required for citizenship.

USCIS accommodated our client by coming to the client’s group home and adjudicating the application with the legal guardian present. It enabled our client to remain in familiar surroundings without disrupting their normal routine or causing the client distress. Although the special request did come after some delay, our office’s advocacy and USCIS’s willingness to work together greatly benefitted the client and family. The client was granted U.S. citizenship and awarded the Certificate of Naturalization expeditiously on the same day.

If you are contemplating filing for immigration benefit on behalf of a relative with special needs, our office has the experience and knowledge to navigate the process and obtain a successful result. Feel free to email us at or call us at (919) 932-4593 if you have any questions.

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