Success Story From our DC Office!

Our DC office, headed by Partner Lisa Brenman and Associate Attorney Abhinav Goel, recently achieved a successful adjudication of "Parole-in-Place" for a family member of an active duty U.S. military member.

INA § 212(d)(5)(A) gives the Secretary the discretion, on a case-by-case basis, to “parole” for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit” an alien applying for admission to the United States. Although it is most frequently used to permit an alien who is outside the United States to come into U.S. territory, parole may also be granted to aliens who are already physically present in the U.S. without inspection or admission. This latter use of parole is sometimes called “parole in place.”

U.S. military members serve their country selflessly and courageously. USCIS recognizes that many of them may face stress and anxiety because of the immigration status of their family members in the United States. Additionally, their military preparedness could be affected if they have to worry about the immigration status of their spouses, parents and children. Accordingly, this stress and anxiety by Armed Forces personnel constitutes an "urgent humanitarian reason or significant public benefit" for granting parole-in-place.

In other words, Parole-in-Place (PIP) allows non-U.S. citizen family members of U.S. military members to file for adjustment of status even after an unlawful entry. There are several requirements before an individual can successfully accomplish such an adjustment. Our attorneys prepared these evidentiary requirements, and presented this evidence before USCIS to convince USCIS to grant parole to our client. We obtained letters from community leaders and teachers, evidence of personal education, and other evidence to show that the client has played an active role in his or her own improvement and has been an active member of the community he or she lives in.

Our office is proud to have assisted the military member and his family, and look forward to our continued engagement with the U.S. Military. Please call 919-932-4593 or email us at if you have any questions regarding Parole-in-Place or other immigration issues.

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