EB-5 Program Will Be Extended With NO Reform

IIUSA announced on its website earlier this week that word from Congrssional offices confirming that EB-5 reform package will not be part of the omnibus. Instead the program will be extended with no reform through September 30, 2016. Assuming that the bill does pass in this weekend, people offering EB-5 investments still shouldn't relax assuming no further change until the next regional center program expiration at September next year. Congress could still pass standalone EB-5 legislation and USCIS could still come out with new policy accordingly at any time. Aaron Schock, a former congressman, predicted on 16th of December that we might not see any change on current regulations on EB-5 program till June 2016.


IIUSA在本周早些时候在其网站上宣布,根据从国会得到的消息,EB-5改革将无条件延期至2016年9月30日,最终结果将在本周末揭晓。假设EB-5相关法案果如预测的顺利延期,投资人仍应注意,延期并不意味着2016年9月30日前EB-5区域中心投资的相关要求不会有任何变化。国会仍有可能在明年下半年通过EB-5改革的单独法案,而美国移民局则可以据此制定新的政策。Aaron Schock, 前国会众议院议员及EB-5提案人,在12月16日关于EB-5立法改革展望的在线讲座中预测,现有法案在2016年6月前应会保持不变,下半年国会有很大的机会通过EB-5立法改革相关法案。

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